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Construction Worker

Design Build

Our design build solutions are based on the needs of your customers, your standards and your supply chain.


This is the foundation we use while selecting the best materials, construction partners and real estate experts in the industry. Thomson Terminals looks at every client as unique. Understanding our client's company, products and customer base is paramount in developing a truly innovative design-build solution.

Thomson Terminal's solutions are backed by highly experienced supply chain experts in Canada. Our partnership with the world’s largest manufacturers, distributors and retailers gives us extensive experience in understanding what works for our customers and providing unique solutions. Our team of engineers, builders, operational experts, and real estate experts represents the most comprehensive team of professionals in the industry, ensuring success for today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.

Our in-house design team provides project management, design control, engineering, estimating, value-engineering, risk management, scheduling, construction, operational start-up, and full logistical support. Thomson Terminals can also provide land acquisition, financing, and leasing. Thomson Terminals also has extensive experience in retrofitting, including implementing automation and cooler and freezer conversion.

Thomson Terminals delivers:

• Single point accountability
• On-time completion
• Assured Quality
• On budget
• Project management from start to finish

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