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With over 1.2 million square feet of state-of-the-art and strategically located warehousing throughout Ontario, Thomson Terminals offers various products, including dry (ambient), cooler, and freezer storage. We currently hold the most prestigious certifications in the industry by being ISO:9001, ACE, FAST, C-TPAT and HACCP certified.

Thomson Terminals handles industrial and consumer products, including food and beverage, retail consumer products, high-valued goods and metal products. As such, Thomson Terminals sources employees and management who reflect the expertise and significant acquired experience from within those sectors.  We realize the value of bringing first-hand, product-based knowledge to our operations. This enables us to have a strategic advantage within the marketplace.

Thomson Terminals offers various value-added services for our clients, such as repacking, co-packing and manufacturing kits and display units.  Additionally, we offer customized quality control programs and processes for handling, inspecting, testing and sampling products requiring hazard control. We routinely check the manufacturing quality of international shipments from Europe and Asia, ensuring language law compliance.  The calibre of our quality programs, coupled with our in-house food scientist, allows us to control risks and hazards of sensitive products such as food and beverage for our customers, further supporting their efforts. 


Thomson Terminals provides:

  • Multi-Temperature solutions in Warehousing and distribution

  • FTL store distribution (Large scale and small-scale operations)

  • Demand chain solutions

  • EDI Transmissions

  • Purchasing and supply management

  • Inventory management

  • Systems Integration

  • Electronic ordering system Integration

  • Order processing and invoicing

  • Customized reporting

  • Web portal real-time inventory access

  • RF & RFID solutions

Thomson Terminals primary goals:

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency:

  • Improve product availability

  • Increase in forecasting

  • Provide shorter lead times

  • Reduced inventory levels and cycle times

  • Provide Order Accuracy

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