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Food and Beverage

Thomson Terminals has maintained an advantage within the industry by becoming a food and beverage specialist. We are the first logistics company in Canada to establish a food safety program backed by HACCP standards to ensure the storage, handling and transportation of our customers' food-based products are done with the utmost care and integrity. We are the first logistics company in Canada to deem it necessary to incorporate HACCP into operations by including it in our total quality management system.

Thomson Terminals has serviced the ‘Food and Beverage industry’ for over 20 years with warehousing, transportation, design-build and retrofitting projects. Currently, we are one of the largest Food & Beverage 3PLs in Canada. With an ever-increasing, diverse variety of products, Thomson Terminals has developed an array of ambient, cooler and freezer storage facilities. We are the proud owners of one of the largest refrigerated trailer fleets to service this industry's vast requirements. Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment are paramount in handling and delivering millions of pounds of groceries a day for a variety of leading food manufacturers and grocery retail chains

Thomson specializes in offering:

• Multi–temperature solutions in warehousing and distribution

• FTL store distribution (large-scale and small-scale operations)

• Demand chain solutions

• EDI transmissions

• Purchasing and supply management

• Inventory management

• Systems Integration

• Electronic ordering system integration

• Order processing and invoicing

• Customized reporting

• Web portal real-time inventory access

• RF & RFID solutions


• Improved product availability

• Reduce costs

• Increase efficiency

• Increase in forecasting

• Shorter lead times

• Reduced inventory levels and cycle times

• Order Accuracy

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